September 03, 2016

Dan's Literary Festival for 2016 The Hampton's Premier Literary Celebration

It was a wonderful experience to attend Dan's Literary Festival for 2016. Though I wasn't a winner this year (I was a winner last year in 2015), it was still wonderful to see and congratulate the new winners and to attend the book signing and meet Daniel Simone, Robert Caro, Carl Bernstein, Dick Cavett, and of course, Dan Rattiner, whom I've met a number of times before. Such luminary figures for our times!
Robert Caro gave the opening address, which was a wonderful rendering of his early years as a writer struggling to make a living. Carl Bernstein gave a powerful keynote speech on Truth in today's world and how the media, the political arena and all of us the people are ultimately responsible to bring it about and responsible when we don't. I can't wait to see and hear it again when the celebration event is posted on Dan's Papers website.
Dick Cavett read the winning essays. No, I shouldn't say "read." He performed them. He spoke them with such meaning, exemplifying the great performer he is. He even told a few jokes and entertained the audience with his great charm and wit. It was a pleasure to meet him, too.
It was a distinct pleasure to meet Ina and Chris, wives of Robert Caro and Dan Rattiner, respectively. Both lovely inside and out.
I don't have personal photos of Dick Cavett and Carl Bernstein with me, but the pretty Dan's Papers photographer took some of us together, which I expect she will publish in next week's issue of Dan's Papers.
Many thanks to all that were involved as supporters, organizers and participants, especially Allison O'Reilly, event and media coordinator of Dan's Papers who juggles everything so well.