September 13, 2018

Orange Peels and Cobblestones


Click here to buy my cookbook: THE SCENT OF ITALIAN COOKING  (ISBN 9781500915674). Below is a Press Clip on this cookbook by Italian-American author Rose Marie Calicchio Dunphy 

What’s the Sense of the Mediterranean Diet?

The newly-published cookbook, THE SCENT of ITALIAN COOKING by Italian-born author and expert cook Rose Marie Calicchio Dunphy, offers just that. The authentic Italian and Italian-American recipes are easy to read and prepare. Not only are they nutritious, but they create the most wonderful scents in your home.

A new study shows that cooking shows on TV have grown in number as more and more people sit down to watch them. Why only watch a cooking show when you can create one yourself in your own kitchen quickly and easily? Why not stir up your senses with all the scents and flavors that you and your family can experience through the joy of cooking and eating the freshest, healthiest and most delicious foods the earth provides? Italians have been doing this for centuries.

THE SCENT of ITALIAN COOKING is a cookbook of Italian and Italian-American recipes passed down to the author from her grandmother, mother and other Italian relatives in Italy that delight everyone's nostrils and palates. It also includes recipes the author created on her own by experimenting with different foods and flavors to produce in her home, and hopefully in yours, the wonderful scent of Italian cooking. The recipes are easy to understand and to use. The author wishes to display a love of cooking that she hopes is contagious. The book contains photos of foods with many of the recipes, a section on how to shop for foods, a Table of Contents, an Index for quick access to each recipe as well as photos of the Italian landscape.
Contact: or for details.

August 27, 2018

THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE: a book of essays

Praise forThe Love of Your Life”
What a lovely book!  Rose Marie Dunphy is a mother, a sister, a friend who may help you find spiritual growth in things ever so small, which suddenly, through her eyes, become ever so big and meaningful: a cast-iron stove or a line of washed clothes, an Italian uncle or a table lamp. "The Love of your Life" exudes the pride of simple gestures, the nobility of housework, the love of everyday life. Written with levity and grace, this book is a string of pearls. Each story, a pearl perfectly round and shining clear. Each story, movingly Italian flavored and exquisitely American, a joy to read – Dr. Ilaria Serra, Associate Professor of Italian and Comparative Studies, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

Rose Marie Calicchio Dunphy was born in Italy and educated in NY.  She is the author of 5 books: Orange Peels and Cobblestones, Ciottoli e Bucce D’Arancia, The Scent of Italian Cooking, That First Bite – Chance or Choice, The Love of Your Life and numerous published articles.  She is also an editor and public speaker, available for book talks/speaking events.      

July 28, 2017

"It Keeps on Giving" published in The East Hampton Star July 26, 2017

“It Keeps on Giving”

A Memoir by Rose Marie Dunphy
Some time ago I bought a new comforter for my bed — a blue cloverleaf design tinged with gold-green foliage against a red background. After years of sleeping under a down comforter tucked inside a white duvet, the new comforter, to my delight, woke up the room. It came reversible, too , in matching red, green, and gold stripes with two shams and a bedskirt.
I wasn’t wild about the stripes, and the material was somewhat heavy to handle, but the cloverleaves blended well with the blue area rugs around the bed and with the garden flowers of a Paris cafe painting I’d hung in the room.
Or so I thought.
My daughter Kathy was first to point it out. “It’s nice, but the blue — though close — doesn’t really match the rugs or the painting. And it’s so red,” she moaned.
But the red was precisely why I loved it. It was vibrant and visceral, especially when the sun kissed it through the window each morning, bringing in the glory of another day. I slept with it for six years, until the red began to fade. Then everything dulled. The cloverleaf design, the blue rugs, even the garden in the painting. I washed the comforter, hoping to restore its luster. In the dryer, it came out lumpy and even duller.
Reconciling myself to buying a new comforter, I invited Kathy to come with me to the mall. We brought home four huge bags, carrying one in each hand, and finally settled on one with a swirling aqua-blue background, reminding me of the panorama of ocean waves when entering Montauk. And it matched perfectly the bedroom rugs and the Paris cafe flowers.
The question remained: What to do with the old comforter? Like an old friend, I’d grown attached to it. I couldn’t throw it away. Though the cloverleaf side had faded, the striped side still looked young and new, as did the bedskirt and shams.
“You’ve always wanted red curtains for the kitchen window,” my daughter said. “These stripes would look stunning.” Kathy spoke with such conviction that I believed her instantly. Before we could cut two sections of material to match the window dimensions, we had to empty the comforter of its filling, which at times became airborne. The next day I began sewing.
When my daughter came to evaluate the new kitchen curtains, already up, she asked if I’d thrown out the rest of the material or the filling. “No,” I confessed. She smiled, knowing how I hate to get rid of what may still be usable.
“Make pillows for the kitchen chairs,” she said.
What a marvelous idea, I thought. Not only would they add color and life to the oak wood, but they’d also match the new curtains. When I was done, just the bedskirt and shams remained. I folded and stored them in a drawer.
Recently, I bought an area rug for the family room. It’s red with an oriental gold-green design. It brightens up the room just like the old comforter did my bedroom and the kitchen. But the fringed, beige pillows on the couch and love seat now seemed pale in comparison. Without thinking, I fetched the striped bedskirt of the old comforter and cut out eight panels to cover the four pillows. It took three hours to sew the panels separately by hand so as to keep the fringe exposed, but the time spent was well worth it. Every aspect of the room came alive.
The two shams and only small remnants of the comforter remained. Again, I folded what was left and saved it in the same drawer. Who knows what more the comforter can give?

Rose Marie Dunphy’s work has previously appeared in The Star as well as in Newsday, The New York Times, and other publications. The author of five books, she was the winner of the Dan’s Papers Literary Prize Judges’ Choice Award for Nonfiction in 2015.

September 03, 2016

Dan's Literary Festival for 2016 The Hampton's Premier Literary Celebration

It was a wonderful experience to attend Dan's Literary Festival for 2016. Though I wasn't a winner this year (I was a winner last year in 2015), it was still wonderful to see and congratulate the new winners and to attend the book signing and meet Daniel Simone, Robert Caro, Carl Bernstein, Dick Cavett, and of course, Dan Rattiner, whom I've met a number of times before. Such luminary figures for our times!
Robert Caro gave the opening address, which was a wonderful rendering of his early years as a writer struggling to make a living. Carl Bernstein gave a powerful keynote speech on Truth in today's world and how the media, the political arena and all of us the people are ultimately responsible to bring it about and responsible when we don't. I can't wait to see and hear it again when the celebration event is posted on Dan's Papers website.
Dick Cavett read the winning essays. No, I shouldn't say "read." He performed them. He spoke them with such meaning, exemplifying the great performer he is. He even told a few jokes and entertained the audience with his great charm and wit. It was a pleasure to meet him, too.
It was a distinct pleasure to meet Ina and Chris, wives of Robert Caro and Dan Rattiner, respectively. Both lovely inside and out.
I don't have personal photos of Dick Cavett and Carl Bernstein with me, but the pretty Dan's Papers photographer took some of us together, which I expect she will publish in next week's issue of Dan's Papers.
Many thanks to all that were involved as supporters, organizers and participants, especially Allison O'Reilly, event and media coordinator of Dan's Papers who juggles everything so well.

August 14, 2016

Future Events

 I'm looking forward to two events I have in my schedule of talks:

1. "Writing with an Italian Flavor" Author Talk at Canio's Bookstore in Sag Harbor on Sat. Oct. 1, 2016, 5pm
2. Author talk at Sons of Italy Culture Dinner Meeting in Delray Beach-Fort Lauderdale Feb. 8, 2017

In the interim

It's bee a while since I've posted.  In the interim, I've begun work on my second novel, entered a few contests and done a number of book talks, e.g., Connetquot Library in Bohemia Oct. 26, Palm Isles in Boynton Beach Feb. 12 , Brandeis Women Talk in Lake Worth Feb. 29, La Cigale in Boynton Beach March 6, St. Joseph's College in Patchogue April 27, Port Jefferson Library May 14, Montauk Library Food Demonstration June 11, Smithtown Library Author Fair Aug. 13.  I wish to thank all the people who hosted me in these venues and those that came to listen and who bought my books.

October 26, 2015

Dan's Papers Literary Salon Reading

Many thanks to Dan Rattiner who hosted Dan's Papers Literary Salon Reading last Saturday evening and to Allison O'Reilly, Sales and Marketing Associate for Dan's Papers, who coordinated the event. It was a pleasure to read my winning essay, The Love of Your Life, and to hear others essays including Dan's own reading from his new book.

September 08, 2015

Winner of Dan's Papers Judges Choice 2015 Literary Prize for Non-Fiction for my essay The Love of Your Life.

Thank you to Dan's Papers, Founding event Chairman Robert Caro, the Sponsors (Major funding provided by Barnes & Noble) and the Judges (Stony Brook Professor Andrew Botsford, author Joan Z. Holden, Mystery writer Chris Knopf, Retired Chairman of Marquardt Advertising Jim Marquardt, former owner of an independent New Hanpshire bookstore Stephanie Parrott and Chairman of Barnes & Noble Booksellers Len Riggio for choosing my essay The Love of Your Life as one of the winning entries.

The ceremonies were held on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 4 p.m. at the John Drew Theater, Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY.  Pulitzer Prize Winner Jules Feiffer gave the Inaugural Address and National Book Award Winner Tom Wolfe delivered the Keynote Address.

Anyone wishing to read it can google Dan's Papers the Love of Your Life.

Reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird" in Barnes & Noble Book Store

It was a pleasure to read from "To Kill a Mocking Bird" in the all-day reading of the book at Barnes & Noble Book store in Lake Grove Mall.  Thank you for the invitation.

Thank You

Many thanks to Karen Kepner and The Arbors at Bohemia for hosting me for a Book/Talk Signing on June 12, 2015.  It was a pleasure to meet the residents and share my story with them.

Local Author Fair

Thank you to Tom Donlon and Samantha Winter and every one who attended the Local Author Fair in Port Jefferson Public Library on Saturday, May 30, 2015.  It was a huge success and a pleasure to be there.

April 22, 2015

Thank You

Thank you to Jo-Carhart and the East Islip Public Library for hosting me last night. The audience could not have been more receptive and enthusiastic about my story and books.

April 20, 2015

Author Talk April 21st, 7 p.m. East Islip Public Library

Please join me for my Author Talk tomorrow, April 21st, 7 p.m. 
East Islip Public Library
381 East Main Street
East Islip, NY 11730
(631) 581-9200 x 5.

March 04, 2015

Book Talk March 7, 2015

Please join me at my next BOOK TALK:
When: Sat. March 7, 2015 10 AM
Where: Spanish River Library, 1501 Spanish River Blvd, Boca Raton, FL

February 26, 2015

Thanks to Marcia Isaacs and the members of Cascade Lakes Women's Association

I also wish to thank Marcia Isaacs and the members of Cascade Lakes Women's Association for hosting me for an Author Talk yesterday.  Again, everyone was receptive and moved by my story.

Many thanks to Sandra Sicolo and students at the Language Exchange Institute

Many thanks to Sandra Sicolo and her students at the Language Exchange Institute in Boca Raton, FL for the wonderful reception I received while giving my book talk today. The students, who migrated to the US from various countries, will be reading my novel as part of their class assignment.

February 13, 2015

Thank you to North Palm Beach Library

Thank you North Palm Beach Library guests who attended my book talk. You were wonderful, receptive and enthusiastic to hear my story and read my books.

February 09, 2015

Memories and Italian American Women Identities. Conversations with Rose Marie Dunphy. FAU Feb. 8, 2015

A huge THANK YOU to Ilaria Serra, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Italian and Comparative Studies, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, for hosting me in yesterday's program: Memories and Italian American Women Identities. Conversations with Rose Marie Dunphy. THANK YOU also to the very receptive and gracious audience. It was a pleasure to tell my story and share my books.

January 28, 2015

Celebrating Italian Culture FAU, Sun, Feb. 8,2015

I will be interviewed and also read from my books at FAU (Florida-Atlantic University} Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, 2 p.m. during their event: Celebrating Italian Culture. All are invited.
 — at 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431 (561) 297-3000.

Thank You

It's been a while since I've posted and I owe a great thanks to the Westhampton Beach Library for hosting my book talk in late November, 2014.  I also wish to thank the Piper's Glen Estates Women's Association for hosting me Jan. 12, 2015.  Both places were enthusiastic to hear my talk and very interested in my books.

November 06, 2014

October 17, 2014

Book Talks at Hofstra University Oct, 7th and Port Jefferson Library Oct. 11th

I was so busy the last few weeks that I didn't get a chance to post my talk at the Italian-American Experience Lecture Series at Hofstra University on Oct. 7th, 2014.  Thank you Dr. Stan Pugliese, staff and audience in attendance for the warm welcome and successful night.  Thanks, too, to Samantha Winter, staff and audience in attendance at the Port Jefferson Library on Oct. 11, 2014 for hosting me to share my story and books with such acceptance and warm emotion.   Thanks also to Sharon Z. who recommended me to the Library and to her book clubs that have read my book and loved it.

Read the review of my novel by Story Circle reviewer Mary Jo Doig

ORANGE PEELS AND COBBLESTONES by Rose Marie Dunphy; rev/Mary Jo Doig. A poignant, memorable story set in Italy.
Orange Peels and Cobblestones: by Rose Marie Dunphy: Story Circle Book Reviews

August 12, 2014

Been Busy Working on a Cookbook

I have been busy working on a cookbook of my favorite Italian and American recipes, so have not had much time to post. But below is the Prologue to my novel, ORANGE PEELS and COBBLESTONES, for those of you who have not read the book. 
“You better not wait any longer,” John said to his friend after an hour had elapsed. They’ve just posted another delay.” The friend had driven John and his wife Marietta to Kennedy Airport. At the gate Marietta sank down with their one year-old baby in the only seat available while John went to check once more on the status of the flight to Los Angeles.
                   “The problem is mechanical. They don’t know how long it’ll be before it’s fixed.” John was clearly frustrated but Marietta didn’t mind the extra time on the ground. She dreaded what might be in store for her once she was up in the air. Her first flight, when she was ten, had been traumatic, and she was afraid of the memories left within the clouds. Would they come to haunt her, knowing what she planned to do? Or would they come to her aid, give her the courage not to be afraid and not fail?
She also worried about the plane crashing. She cringed at the thought that her daughter might not have a full life. And the idea of dying before she saw her mother and sister again was too painful to bear. She’d never be able to ask the questions she’d been rehearsing for months, the ones that had plagued her ever since she was a little girl. They pestered her at every significant event in her young life. She knew it was no way to live – happy and sad at the same time. The vast emptiness she felt inside her was the worst. It masked the past where those questions lay buried like soldiers in unmarked graves. Someone had to come forward and identify them in order to grieve properly. 
When Marietta married John he’d filled a part of that hole. But since giving birth to Anna, the questions surfaced with a vengeance. Hard questions. Not the kind you’d normally ask others, certainly not the kind you could ask your mother. How would Stella react when Marietta confronted her? They were family, but... 
                     Family – Marietta smiled warmly at the sound of the word. In California she had the beautiful promise of family, her family. But then, family had torn her apart. She no longer trusted it. Would it betray her again as it had once before? Or would it welcome her back permanently, the way she had hoped for all these years?
The announcement to board finally came. The young parents gathered their sleeping child along with their belongings and entered the long corridor that led into the plane. With the engines roaring and the lights dimmed, Marietta leaned her head on John’s shoulder and instantly fell asleep. She dreamed not of her mother Stella but of her grandmother handing her a slice of bread spread with olive oil, of her cousin Lucia waving her orange peel in the air urging her to come out and play. She dreamed of her lost childhood a world away.