September 08, 2014

My new cookbook THE SCENT of ITALIAN COOKING is published

My new cookbook THE SCENT of ITALIAN COOKING  (ISBN 9781500915674) is published. You can see it and get all the details by going to and typing the title with my name and it will appear. Below is a News Release on it. 

What’s the Sense of the Mediterranean Diet?

The newly-published cookbook, THE SCENT of ITALIAN COOKING by Italian-born author and expert cook Rose Marie Calicchio Dunphy, offers just that. The authentic Italian and Italian-American recipes are easy to read and prepare. Not only are they nutritious, but they create the most wonderful scents in your home.

A new study shows that cooking shows on TV have grown in number as more and more people sit down to watch them. Why only watch a cooking show when you can create one yourself in your own kitchen quickly and easily? Why not stir up your senses with all the scents and flavors that you and your family can experience through the joy of cooking and eating the freshest, healthiest and most delicious foods the earth provides? Italians have been doing this for centuries.

THE SCENT of ITALIAN COOKING is a cookbook of Italian and Italian-American recipes passed down to the author from her grandmother, mother and other Italian relatives in Italy that delight everyone's nostrils and palates. It also includes recipes the author created on her own by experimenting with different foods and flavors to produce in her home, and hopefully in yours, the wonderful scent of Italian cooking. The recipes are easy to understand and to use. The author wishes to display a love of cooking that she hopes is contagious. The book contains photos of foods with many of the recipes, a section on how to shop for foods, a Table of Contents, an Index for quick access to each recipe as well as photos of the Italian landscape.
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